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Product Code: 300726

Our new glass Poppy jewellery utilizes this traditional medium to beautifully display the Poppy. The technique used in making this jewellery, Lampwork, is an art form thousands of years old that has hardly altered since conception. Each colour you see is a different rod of glass heated to a molten state and formed into its final shape. The completed productis an eye-catching work of passion with vibrant colour. Grace Edwards takes her love for creation, and constructs each of these beautiful Canadian made pieces of jewellery by hand, so each is unique with minor variations.

Working with Grace, we have produced this new style of glass Poppy jewellery. A vibrant red spiral of glass forms the Poppy petals, which surround a beautiful black glass centre. The Poppy is 1¾” and fixed on a 2”non-allergenic steel pin, allowing you to fasten it to the outfit of yourchoice. As a handcrafted piece, each individual Poppy is unique, yet they still maintain their recognizable design. Crafted with passion and established in a Canadian tradition, these lovely pieces of jewellery are a beautiful accent year round.

  • Quantity Available: 10+

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